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Gaza City, 2011.

Gaza City, 2011.

Photo Stories

Norway activists stand up for migrants drowning at sea
Al Jazeera, 6 May 2015
Norwegian activists staged creative protests to bring attention to the plight of migrants fleeing Africa on overcrowded boats.

Norway’s ring of peace
New Internationalist, 3 March 2015
Norwegians stand in solidarity against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

Iraq united vs Islamic State
Al Jazeera, 15 August 2014
As Iraq’s religious minorities flee violence, their protests express solidarity across sectarian divides.

10 years since wall declared illegal
Alternative Information Center, 6 July 2014
Even after 10 years, myths about the Israeli separation wall’s rationale and route continue to proliferate.

Israeli forces attack Palestinian protest village
+972 Magazine, 3 February 2013
When activists set up camp on Palestinian land threatened by settlements, Israeli forces violently evict them.

The Gaza you don’t see in the news
Matador, 30 September 2011
Most media images from Gaza show either perpetrators or victims. Few show real people and their harsh but complex lives that defy stereotypes.


Video and Multimedia

Ein Hijleh: A village that means resistance
Alternative Information Center, 13 February 2014
Palestinian activists established the protest village of Ein Hijleh in the Jordan Valley to protest Israeli settlement expansion.

Bethlehemites exiled in Gaza
Alternative Information Center, 11 June 2014
After the siege of the Church of the Nativity by Israeli forces in 2002, 26 Palestinians were deported from Bethlehem to the Gaza Strip.

Christ at the Checkpoint: Moss Ntlha
Alternative Information Center, 30 April 2014
Moss Ntlha, General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa asks (and answers) the key question: “Who do you think has more credibility in deciding whether or not whether this is apartheid?”

SATIRE: Glenn Beck and Jim Wallis discuss social justice
Sojourners, 1 April 2010
Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, right-wing commentator Glenn Beck and progressive Christian leader Jim Wallis meet to debate the real meaning of social justice.



Warm and warmer
The Christian Century, 12 May 2015
For me, the difference a degree makes was mostly a matter of discomfort and inconvenience. For others, it’s a matter of survival.

Interview: I was ‘part of a terror organization,’ says Israeli pilot turned activist
Electronic Intifada, 10 February 2015
Yonatan Shapira was born on an Israeli military base the year before his father flew fighter jets in the October War of 1973. Thirty years later, twelve of them spent as an air force pilot himself, Shapira rejected the military.

Confronting the oppressor with humanity
Prism Magazine, April 2014
Mahmoud Al’aa Elddin spends most Friday afternoons in “dialogue” with the Israeli soldiers who invade his West Bank village of Al-Ma’sara.

The tao of dumpster diving
Sojourners, May 2006
Recycling gourmet garbage is one subversive option for living a frugal yet abundant life.

Suffering Servants: The persecuted peacemakers of the Colombian churches
Sojourners, May-June 2003
Colombia’s Christians find themselves in the crossfire of violence, targeted by right-wing paramilitary death squads as well as left-wing insurgents.

Confronting AIDS in Uganda
Sojourners, July-August 2000
Uganda’s government was the first to respond to the epidemic by engaging religious and traditional leaders to confront the crisis at its behavioral roots.



You want to give every European Jew a gun — really?
Jewish Daily Forward, 26 February 2015
European Jews have every reason to seek increased security. But since most still prefer not to go to Israel, would we have them import Israel’s overkill security mentality to Europe?

#WeAreN and #YouAreNot
OnFaith, 8 August 2014
Does solidarity with Iraq’s suffering Christians mask ‘dehumanizing tribalism’ toward other groups?

What ‘no country in the world’ should tolerate
+972 Magazine, 13 July 2014
The issue is not whether Israel should protect its people — or whether Palestinians should resist oppression — but how.

Would Jesus drive a Mercedes?
Sojourners, January 2006
As long as oil consumption remains at the center of crises including war and the environment, it will be crucial to develop alternatives to fossil fuels.

Noise and nuance
Sojourners, July-August 2001
Conservatives have made the most noise about Sudan, while peace-and-justice progressives have provided nuance. Mobilizing activists of all persuasions will require more of both.



Kurt Vonnegut, ‘Christ-worshipping agnostic’
Sojourners, 16 April 2007
I prefer to engage artists on their own terms, and allow them to challenge, provoke, and encourage me to hone my own beliefs—even if my faith is the target of their criticism or satire.

Faux news
Sojourners, June 2004
When other networks were still broadcasting cheerleading embeds, The Daily Show’s derisive dissent was Prozac for post-protest depression.

Don’t have a sacred cow, man!
Sojourners, September-October 2001
When The Simpsons creator Matt Groening was a Boy Scout, he stole a Gideon Bible from a hotel room and underlined all the dirty parts.