Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Enters a New Season

On the last Friday of weekly demonstrations in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem, activists confront Israeli settlers who have taken over part of a Palestinian home.


With all of the excitement about the J14 movement’s “March of the Million” (give or take a few 100K) in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities this weekend, a minor historic moment passed with little fanfare among activist media in the region. The Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movement, which has organized weekly demonstrations against the takeover of Palestinian homes by Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem for the past two years, announced . . .

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East Jerusalem Demolition for New Jewish Settlments

A building demolition in East Jerusalem has provoked international condemnation including statements by Secretary of State Clinton, and leaders of the UN, EU, and UK, due to plans to build a new Jewish settlement in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. The settlement will become one more link in a chain of Jewish enclaves encircling the Old City of Jerusalem, effectively cutting it off from the rest of Palestinian East Jerusalem and the West Bank. A few key facts in this particular case:

The hotel was declared “absentee property” by Israel after it captured and annexed East Jerusalem. The title . . .

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Israel Kicks Refugees Out of Their Tents

In most cases in Occupied Palestine at this point, Palestinian refugees live in UN-administered camps that are essentially urban slums—overcrowded apartment blocks with high rates of poverty. But there are still some refugees that live in tents. Case in point—when I posted my favorite images from my recently posted Israel-Palestine gallery, I included this one of Fawzieh al-Kurd:

She has lived in a tent within sight of her home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem since November 2008 when Israeli settlers took over her home with the help of Israeli police. Her husband died of a heart . . .

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