What Happens When Palestinians Pitch Some Tents on Their Own Land?

Both +972 and the AIC have published my photo essays about the latest attempt by Palestinians to establish a new village on their own West Bank land. In case you’re wondering how that worked out, I’ll cut to the chase: The Israeli military soon arrived on the scene, and though they separated settlers from Palestinians, they proceeded to violently eject Palestinians from the newly created village – despite the fact that it was created on Palestinian land belonging to the inhabitants of Burin. Though soldiers stood idly by as settlers carried away several of Al Manatir’s shelters, the military attacked Palestinian activists with tear gas, sound grenades and pepper spray.


Israeli Settlers Use Outpost to Subvert Re-routing of Separation Barrier

Check out my latest photo essay on how Israeli settlers are trying to subvert an Israeli court decision to move the separation barrier to make more land of the West Bank village of Jayyous accessible to its residents. An excerpt: In addition to activism on the ground, the people of Jayyous also fought in Israeli courts to have the wall moved to the Green Line—the internationally recognized border between Israel and the West Bank. In 2009, the court decided that the wall should at least be re-routed to return access to some 2,000 dunams of village land, though approximately 5,000 dunams would remain cut off by the wall. However, four years later, the decision has yet to be implemented and the wall remains as it was first built. …

Big Guns

Today, mostly just a photo. I didn’t have a photo of an armed Israeli settler until today. Taking a tour of Hebron’s old city led by EAPPI, a bunch of settlers were pointing fingers at a Palestinian attempting to fix his…
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Hebron on My Mind

On Tuesday, on the anniversary of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, we visited Hebron—one of the most intense microcosms of the Israeli occupation. I’ve visited several times before, and saw similar sights: young men being harassed at checkpoints, settlers surrounded…
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