Land Day in Bethlehem


From a Ma’an News report:

Muhammad Arafa, 20, was taken to hospital in Hebron. He was injured when Israeli forces fired tear-gas canisters and stun grenades at Palestinians who threw stones at a checkpoint in a rally marking Land Day.

Activists also called for the Global March to Jerusalem to commemorate the anniversary of Israel’s killing of six Palestinians protesting against land confiscation in 1976.

For the record, I am against throwing stones. But I don’t think shooting someone in the head with a tear gas grenade is an appropriate response.

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Cautious Optimism and Wet Blankets on Israel’s ‘Social Justice’ Protests

A protest leader at the weekly solidarity rally in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem—not to be confused with the ‘social justice’ demonstrations taking place all over Israel.

I still don’t know what to think about Israel’s so-called “social justice” protests that are dominating the news here. I’m seeing a lot of headlines about this movement as the resurrection of Israel’s left, marginalized by the current hard-line government, now emerging with a more populist message. Here’s the NYT take:

“The left has risen back to life,” Shai Golden, deputy editor of the newspaper Maariv, said in a column on Sunday. “It . . .

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Romero vs. Qaddafi: ‘Stop the Killing!’

A Jerusalem rally in solidarity with Egypt. The sign reads: “Long live Palestinian-Egyptian cooperation against the occupation and American policy.”

I haven’t been inspired to write any commentary on recent events in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East beyond the occasional Facebook post. Maybe I will eventually. Pastor Alex Awad at East Jerusalem Baptist Church has had great sermons touching on these issues the last two weeks, and I hope to post them online soon. But heeding his challenge today to engage the news on these various events and not “change the channel” (I put this in . . .

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East Jerusalem Demolition for New Jewish Settlments

A building demolition in East Jerusalem has provoked international condemnation including statements by Secretary of State Clinton, and leaders of the UN, EU, and UK, due to plans to build a new Jewish settlement in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. The settlement will become one more link in a chain of Jewish enclaves encircling the Old City of Jerusalem, effectively cutting it off from the rest of Palestinian East Jerusalem and the West Bank. A few key facts in this particular case:

The hotel was declared “absentee property” by Israel after it captured and annexed East Jerusalem. The title . . .

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Cracks in the Media Narrative on Israeli-Palestinian Violence?

It’s not fun reading multiple news sources from the Middle East on a daily basis. But one key lesson of media analysis from the likes I.F. Stone and Noam Chomsky is that even by reading enough mainstream media the “truth” can slip out. I’m no Beautiful Mind schizophrenic looking for secret messages in the newspaper. But it is discouraging to read over and over again the prevailing media narratives of Israelis-only-as-victims and Palestinians-only-as-terrorists—and therefore mildly satisfying when a mainstream source like The Jerusalem Post slightly more accurately reflects the reality on the ground.

Today’s headline reads, “Border Police set . . .

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Secrets of Editorial Microstock Revealed!

My fundamental approach to microstock has been not to shoot for microstock’s sake, but to use microstock to compensate me for photos I was shooting anyway but may not have had a designated use for. There have been a few shoots I’ve done for purely mercenary purposes—photos of the Supreme Court and the U.S. Capitol, for example, that I might not have taken otherwise. But in general, this means that I have yet to ask any subject of any photo sign a model release that is required for any recognizable person for “royalty free” licensing most common on microstock sites.

. . .

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Riot Cops at the Gap: They Don’t Do DC Protests Like They Used To

… Or maybe I just don’t go to the same kinds of protests anymore. When I decided to embark on the massive project of building a complete online archive of my work more than a year ago, these were some of the very photos I anticipated unearthing. These photos of an anti-sweatshop protest at the Georgetown Gap stores are the kinds of pictures I took because I wanted to cover the event, but had no real prospects for publishing at the time. Now they’re finally seeing the light after being buried in negative binders for the last decade or so, . . .

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Immigration Rally Photos: March for America

I’m still learning the happy medium between getting photos posted right away after an event, and doing a good job of retouching, keywording, and captioning at the same time. But I did want to get some posted on the Sojourners blog at God’s Politics, so here’s a link to that post. And here’s a slide show link. And here are some of my favorite shots from the day:




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Another Immigration Photo Published

Every once and a while a microstock client actually lets you know they’ve published your photo. Another photo from the May Day immigration rally made it onto this site. Check it out.

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Iran Vigil Photos

Since returning from my sabbatical in the Middle East in June, I’ve been following events in Iran with great interest. The elections took place there about a week before the end of my trip, and though I didn’t have any direct connection to Iran while in the region–other than conversations with a friend who had recently visited Tehran and relayed the anti-Ahmadinejad sentiment that he heard on the streets there–I’ve mostly just been moved in inspired by the courage of ordinary citizens to take on such a repressive regime. So I’ve tried to do my part by showing up to . . .

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