An evangelical intifada


Ever since I interviewed Megan Giesecke for my Sojourners cover story on evangelicals and Palestine-Israel, I’ve wanted to do a more in-depth presentation of her testimony. She had such great insight and wisdom about how to share with friends and family. So I’m glad that Middle East Eye gave me that chance. Here’s one of her key insights:

One of the most powerful ways to relate to family, friends or church members who think differently is simply to share stories. Stories replay in our heads days and even months after hearing them. Explaining unjust realities in Palestine through story rather than political arguments seems to be much more effective.

And I have to highlight the inspiration for the headline–this money quote from Alex Awad:

Our critics have recently accused Bethlehem Bible College and Christ at the Checkpoint of starting an intifada – an uprising – in the evangelical church. I hope they are right. We want to see an intifada against injustice. We want to see an intifada against violence and terrorism. We want to see an intifada against racism. We want to see an intifada against theologies that promote war and bloodshed. I want from this podium to call on evangelicals everywhere to re-examine these detrimental theologies and shake them off.

Read the full article on Middle East Eye.