Creative protests demand refugee rescue effort

20150504-093239-norway-0288I’m finally finding some issues I can track and engage more directly here in Oslo. Refugee rights are a big deal in a country that once had a much more welcoming asylum policy that has been tightened in more recent decades. I hope to do more in-depth reporting on this in coming months and years, but I’ve enjoyed the chance to cover these recent creative protests for Al Jazeera:

Since the beginning of the year, some 5,000 migrants have drowned as their boats capsized in Mediterranean waters. In the worst such incident, an estimated 800 people died when their boat sank as it attempted to reach Italy.

Currently, Norway has pledged just two boats to join European Union efforts to patrol territorial waters, known as Operation Triton. But activists demanded a swifter and bigger response – not simply returning migrants to places where their lives are endangered, where they may again choose to risk death in another sea crossing.