Vice features West Bank wall-smashing action


Vice has published, as part of a story about Activestills, one of the most satisfying journalistic moments during my time in Palestine. I’d already posted stories on +972 and AIC at the time of the direct action, but it’s nice to get the broad exposure and recognition of this publication. Here’s text that I submitted to accompany it (since it was published on Vice’s French site):

One of the advantages of being an activist journalist is getting invited to actions no one else is trusted to shoot–in this case, a direct action to break a hole in the Israeli separation wall. It was so dark I could barley focus for much of the time, until they finally broke through the wall and the light streamed through. No Israeli soldiers arrived during the whole hour they were hammering away, showing one more way in which the separation wall is a farce in keeping out any determined infiltrator.