Why I’m Changing My Watermark

Out with the old.... (Kind of ruins the moment when my copyright is emblazoned across the face of a Palestinian girl facing Israeli soldiers, no?)

I’ve read a lot of different perspectives on watermarking and could never quite make up my mind. I’m not sure what finally pushed me over the edge, but I’ve decided to switch from a completely intrusive watermark with diagonal lines to a more discreet one in the corner that makes clear this is my copyrighted property but I’m not going to get all up in your grill about it.

I think what it came down to was the fact that if somebody is going to steal my image and crop my copyright and credit, they were never going to buy a license to begin with. So the worst case scenario is that a few of my images are floating around out there unauthorized, hopefully telling the story of Palestinians struggling against the Israeli occupation or immigrants in America struggling for their rights or Norwegians … enjoying  a nice sunset, or whatever.

In the meantime, when folks stumble across this site, or an image I share on Facebook or Twitter, they’ll be able to enjoy it more fully without having to mentally screen out those annoying lines and being reminded that I’m a money-grubbing freelance mercenary who can’t live with the thought of some thieving a-hole using my photos for free without permission. Those things may still be true, but at least now viewers won’t be reminded of it with a big in-your-face watermark. And I’m still blocking right-clicks in the galleries to foil all the thieving a-holes too dumb to do a screenshot.

So it’s going to take me a while to work my way through all the galleries the archive, but say good by to my “crossbones” (as one client put it) and say hello to my elegant little credit in the lower right corner.

....In with the new. (Now the story is front and center, instead of my need to assert intellectual property ownership.)

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