Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like: #5 Pictures of Burqas (and Guns)

I know, there are no burqas in Palestine. Just read this post from my favorite new blog since Stuff White People Like. Money quote:

Let’s face it: the vast majority of expat aid work is actually just office work. It’s pushing paper, going to meetings, general text-bitchery. It’s an equilibrium of overworkedness, punctuated by occasional terror or possibly hangovers. But if he or she can somehow feel as if the location is exotic, the Expat Aid Worker can feel a sense of harmony with the universe. More importantly, she or he will have exotic pictures to show.

Additionally, I think a common variation on this concept would be “Pictures of Men with Guns.” Expat workers like to have photos of stern-faced dudes with Kalashnikovs or M-16s. It emphasizes our bravery in the face of constant danger. Here’s a recent favorite of mine that combines covered women with gun-toting soldiers.


Combine this with the common sight in Israel and Palestine of women with big guns for double effect:


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