It Took Me 10 Years to Make My Own Web Site

So finally, after 10 years as Web Editor for Sojourners, I’m launching my own site. No, I’m not quitting my day job, but it’s been a dream for some time now to have an online portfolio–and that dream has expanded rather ambitiously to the creation of an comprehensive online digital archive. After months of research, I decided on SmugMug, which despite the silly name has a stellar line-up of features (automated EXIF/IPTC data imports, unlimited storage for pro accounts) and excellent documentation for customization. You can tell they love what they do.

So now I’ve begun the arduous task of converting umpteen gigs of image directories on my external hard drive into titled, captioned, and keyword-searchable archives for print and download sale. I’ve also begun experimenting with the wide world of microstock, but I’ll blog more about that later.

I also intend to share all of the little tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, including the fruits of many a Google search for those elusive bits of vital information that have helped me make decisions about gear, software, and workflow.

I don’t suppose that many people will actually read this blog, but hopefully I can help a few folks along out there, and in the meantime develop a circle of folks interested in my work–hopefully enough to pay for some of it, since gear and software upgrades aren’t cheap!

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