An evangelical intifada

Ever since I interviewed Megan Giesecke for my Sojourners cover story on evangelicals and Palestine-Israel, I’ve wanted to do a more in-depth presentation of her testimony. She had such great insight and wisdom about how to share with friends and…
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One degree of separation

As I diversify the range of topics I’m addressing, I decided to use a personal reflection on my first winter of bike commuting in Oslo as a window into global climate change and what a difference a degree makes. An excerpt:…
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Rejecting real anti-Semitism

Lent is a time of introspection and confession, and recent experiences have caused me to reflect on a particular fault to confess: During my previous four years of living in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory, I have not always taken the threat…
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Running rings around hate

One good ring deserves another. A week after Muslim youth organized a “Ring of Peace” around Oslo’s only functioning synagogue, members of the local community stood in a “Solidarity Ring” at an Oslo mosque to combat xenophobic and Islamophobic stereotypes….
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