Oslo declares ‘refugees welcome’

  Norway’s refugee policy has made international news because of a crisis at the northern border with Russia. There, a number of asylum seekers have crossed into Norway by bicycle in spite of freezing conditions because it’s the safest way…
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Prayer against the wall

My first photo exhibit in Norway focused on the Palestinian village of Beit Jala’s struggle against the Israeli separation barrier. Titled in Norwegian and English, “Bønn mot muren / Prayer against the wall”, it stood in Oslo’s Uranienborg Church sanctuary from September 20-27. I’ve been covering this story for…
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An evangelical intifada

Ever since I interviewed Megan Giesecke for my Sojourners cover story on evangelicals and Palestine-Israel, I’ve wanted to do a more in-depth presentation of her testimony. She had such great insight and wisdom about how to share with friends and…
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One degree of separation

As I diversify the range of topics I’m addressing, I decided to use a personal reflection on my first winter of bike commuting in Oslo as a window into global climate change and what a difference a degree makes. An excerpt:…
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Rejecting real anti-Semitism

Lent is a time of introspection and confession, and recent experiences have caused me to reflect on a particular fault to confess: During my previous four years of living in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory, I have not always taken the threat…
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